Expertise Areas

Here you can find all the areas of expertise that we cover


Our corporate practice provides service to establish and implement the internal policies necessary to ensure their compliance with on-going regulatory requirements applicable to Indonesian companies.
The practice is also very active in the field of joint venture, mergers and acquisitions of business and companies, as well as corporate restructuring. Such matters include, among other, bankruptcies and liquidations of various types of business, companies, and as banks.
The firm also specializes in corporate governance audit and compliance programs in order to ensure that clients comply in all respects with the international corporate governance practices and Indonesia’s new Code for Good Corporate Governance.

Bangking and Finance

The firm’s banking, finance and debt restructuring practice represents banks and financial institutions in relation to their lending activities in Indonesia. Our services include syndications and structured financing, as well as structuring of security packages for lenders. We also offer service in the debt restructuring and related transactions.

Labor and Employment

The labor and employment practice concern advise on the severance matters, personnel policies and work rules, employment contracts, collective bargaining arrangements, mandatory training and social security program, and other related matters such as redundancy and termination as well as labour policy – industrial relations and dispute settlement. The Firm also assists our clients with the procedures for employing expatriates including work permits, visas, residency permits and related Governmental approvals and fillings.

Foreign and Domestic Investment

The foreign and domestic investment practice provides service to formulate the most appropriate means to achieve their business objectives in Indonesia given each client’s unique set of investment criteria. The Firm handles all aspect of the investment approval process under Indonesia’s Foreign and Domestic Investment Law in order that the Indonesian Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) to ensure all regulatory approvals are obtained, and the investor’s Indonesian corporation is established in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Firm also assists clients to devise and implement various alternatives to direct foreign investment, such as establishment of representative offices and technical assistance, management, licensing, franchising and distribution arrangements. The Firm represents clients in the implementation of their chosen investment strategies from beginning to end, ranging in negotiation with local partners and government officials, to drafting and filling all necessary documentation, and finally implementing the investor’s operational plans.


The firm insurance practice represents general and life insurance, reinsurance (joint venture) companies as well as insurance supporting companies. Our services include preparing joint venture agreements in respect of joint venture insurance companies, preparing Articles of Association of joint venture insurance companies, reviewing and advising on insurance policies and reinsurance treaties, advising on restructuring multinational insurance companies, advising on solvency issues, advising on fraudulent claims and advising on compliance and regulatory issues.

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property practice includes advice on all aspects of registering copyright, trademark and trade names, as well as infringement matters.  The Firm also assists companies in franchising agreements and licensing of intellectual property right to companies in Indonesia, and advises on development of strategies to best protect their intellectual property.

Construction, Land & Property

Our land and property practice provides services in construction, land and property matters, such as review and preparation of construction land and engineering contract for building, housing, infrastructure and plant projects, land acquisition and disposal, all aspects of property finance and leasing, sale and purchase transaction and mortgage securities. This typically involves extensive dealings with representatives of various levels of local Government, land office officials and local communities.

Capital Markets & Securities

The Firm advises issuers, underwriters and investors in stock, bond, convertible bond and commercial paper transactions. The Firm also prepares for and assists clients with bond issuing, IPOs, secondary or subsequent offerings, and other corporate action of a public company. Stock exchange procedures and securities regulation and compliance are also obtainable in our service.

Energy, Mining & Natural Resources

The firm’s energy, mining and natural resources practice represents individuals and corporations engaged in the mining, oil and gas industry. We handle the drafting, reviewing and advising clients on agreements such as production sharing agreements, drilling and rig related contract, independent power production and electricity trading contract. In addition, we are familiar with various matters related to this field, such as labor issues, relations with vendors, environmental legislative and regulatory compliance, labor mining rights, contract negotiation and dispute resolution matters for our energy, mining, and other client’s natural resources activity. The firm also represents lenders in mine financing projects as well as the establishment company in the forestry and palm oil plantation businesses.

Telecomunication, IT &


The telecommunication, IT and e-commerce practice assists clients in preparing agreement for the transponder lease, supply, licensing, technical support and development of IT and e-commerce transactions from software and hardware licensing to web content.

Distribution & Competition Law

Our distribution practice provide service in handling agency and distributorship matters, such as advice on and documents the sourcing, manufacture, distribution, sale, licensing and franchising of products and services. The Firm provides related advice on government procurement rules, labeling and packaging requirement, handling of hazardous materials and other environmental law requirements. The firm’s competition law practice concerns advice on anti-competitive and monopolistic business practices


The firm’s litigation practice represents clients in various law areas of litigation such as civil litigation, criminal litigation and commercial litigation, which include cases in land and property, labor, corporate, banking, trading, businesses, family law (e.g. divorce proceeding, inheritance matter, etc). Our experts also have extensive experiences in handling guarantee execution up to auction process, handling bad debt and other problems related to banking litigation.
We help our clients by developing appropriate and practical strategies, claims and defenses in their event of dispute while seeking reasonable grounds for settlement and compromise. In the event that litigation is required, the Firm provides litigation services which include search and investigation, liaison, negotiation, intermediary/mediation, process at the relevant judicial forum, preparation and filling of petition, legal arguments and settlement, legal adjudication at the First Instance level, Appeal level, Cassation level and/or Judicial Review level in any cases throughout Indonesia in civil, criminal as well as administrative proceedings. The Firm also assists the clients in legal proceedings at Police Department and Public Prosecutor for criminal procedures.


The tourism practice covers service to the developers, management companies and construction companies, and have also acted for both principals and owners in time-sharing arrangements